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About us


Turning collective consciousness into reality

There are people looking for ideas, and there are ideas that find people. Empowering Economics did not originate from ideas crafted by a single individual or a group of specialists. The essence, the fundamental concept of the Empowering Economics, is the expression of a collective consciousness that is emerging in these times. Those who draw inspiration from it to put it into practice and spread it have echoed that resonance to make visible what is already at work in the minds and hearts of thousands of people. Those who feel that it is necessary to generate greater socioeconomic equity, uphold respect for nature and living beings, and facilitate a profound transformation so that individuals and communities can enhance their opportunities and capacity for learning. Thus, The Empowering Economics inspires models that provide tools and access to resources beyond mere financial growth, promoting holistic well-being and a collective experience that optimizes interaction with other individuals and the environment.

Empowered community

Through conscious philanthropists, funding was obtained to develop PUEBLOS O TOWNS, a unique project in San Francisco, Jujuy, Argentina.

Various social empowerment programs were implemented in the community, including training and entrepreneurship workshops that were chosen collaboratively by the community and organizers. These initiatives always followed a logic of triple impact and environmental regeneration to preserve the ancestral wisdom of the community.

From this effort emerged SINTIENTES, a documentary that tells the entire story of this town and the transformation that occurred after this empowerment, achieved through a combination of intelligent philanthropy, innovative ideas, and the community's determination to evolve towards self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability, marking an unprecedented milestone.

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