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Mobilizing Concepts

Individual Empowerment: starting from the belief that each individual, under the right conditions, has the power to make decisions and become an active agent of their economic destiny and life purpose, Empowering Economics creates favorable environments that foster learning, skill development, and autonomy.


Equity and Balance:

Empowering Economics focuses on closing gaps in access to opportunities, resources, and rights to increase the balance in the necessary conditions for fuller socio economic participation, dignifying the lives of an increasing number of people.

Sustainability and Resilience:

Given the importance of preserving the environment for sustainable long-term economic activity, Empowering Economics promotes sustainable business practices that minimize environmental impact through regeneration and enhance resilience in the face of future challenges, thus creating a harmonious balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and social well-being.

Collaboration and Cooperation:

Empowering Economics encourages alliances among various stakeholders, including altruistic individuals, non-profit organizations, and civil society, to address common challenges and find innovative and sustainable solutions.


Creativity and Innovation:

Empowering Economics stimulates entrepreneurial spirit, the generation of disruptive ideas, and the adoption of new technologies that enhance productivity and benefit an increasing number of people.


Social Responsibility and Ethical Business:

Empowering Economics promotes consistent and responsible business practices that have a positive impact on society and contribute to sustainable development.


Principles of the | Empowering Economics

Its basis is primarily grounded in intergenerational lines, which means consciously passing on this legacy to descendants. By developing their artistic, cultural, commercial, ecological, and playful abilities, they can make decisions based on shared ethics and become the true creators of their own lives towards a healthy and peaceful humanity. The Empowering Economics not only inspires and empowers entrepreneurs and consumers but also promotes a culture of legacy, the joy of giving, genuine and sensitive empathy, and the ability to change the course of history.


The 7 Impacts of the Empowering Economics

It is based on redirecting and not accumulating the energy called money. Economic empowerment, provided to communities through training for specialization in different trades, allows them to shift from being subsidized to generating their own resources, leading to increased independence and dignity.


Empowerment relationships inspired by the Empowering Economics principles, along with coherence and respect for the ancestral knowledge of each community, lead to an unprecedented process of progress and quality of life, benefiting not only empowered communities but society as a whole.



Sustainability and permacultural vision, the foundation of this manifesto, ensure environmental care.



The Empowering Economics promotes a new consciousness in the business world, where an economic proposal that takes into account real needs and concrete solutions in the social and environmental context becomes viable. All participants are essential links in the operation and success of a company, fostering participative equity, which allows for commitment and personal and group growth, as well as the formation of high-performance teams with a sense of belonging.


Common Good:

Through these inspiring processes, participants become benefactors and beneficiaries; the expansion of this new paradigm invites their achievements to become a shared benefit for an increasing number of inhabitants of the planet.



Acquiring services and products based on the Empowering Economics principles generates a renewed appreciation of the production-consumption process. It allows individuals to recognize the power of their purchasing decisions, which literally define the course of humanity. In this way, consumers take the lead for this activated change in the world.



The Empowering Economics deeply engages people in the transformation of collective planetary consciousness. In this evolutionary moment, a portion of humanity is actively creating changes that need to be activated, acted upon, disseminated, and empowered Here and Now.

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